3 Benefits of Buying Pre-Owned Laser Scanning Equipment

Laser Scanning Equipment is vital for a variety of jobs from land surveying to medical operations. Comparable tools are hard pressed to compete with the effectiveness of modern laser scanning. For example, 3D laser scanning in surveyor work provides more accurate information and can lead to better predictions than prior methods. The cost, however, can’t be overlooked. High end laser scanning equipment can cost thousands, or even tens of thousands of dollars. Savvy entrepreneurs should consider pre-owned equipment instead. Here are just 3 of the many benefits of buying pre-owned laser scanning equipment:

1. Cost
The first and foremost benefit of buying anything pre-owned is the reduced cost. Brand new scanning equipment can cost up to $70,000 depending on its purpose. Pre-owned equipment comes at a fraction of that cost, and does the job more than adequately. Though buyers may miss out on warranties, inspecting the purchase and negotiating contracts with the seller can cover this fault. This leaves you with excellent equipment at a bargain, with more money to devote to the other important aspects of the operation.

2. Brand New isn’t Necessary
Though brand new scanning equipment is likely to have quality of life improvements and new features, laser scanning equipment varies mainly in the type of scanning it does. This means that an older, pre-owned piece of equipment will operate the same functionally as something newer in its field. Pre-owned equipment will perform the same function at a lower cost.

3. Speeds Up Production
Some new equipment can be difficult to purchase in bulk or takes time to build and ship. According to Azo Materials, this amount of downtime can put the company at a disadvantage. Without the equipment, competitors who have their infrastructure in place could appear to be the better choice for prospective clients. Pre-owned equipment is ready to ship and is usually available in large quantities. The low cost of the equipment makes your business more efficient at a lower cost, and decreases expenditures. The pre-owned scanning equipment can be delivered and prepared more quickly to get started on major projects, whereas the wait for newer materials may cause some opportunities to be missed.

These are just a few of the benefits of buying pre-owned laser scanning equipment. The ability to cut costs and perform efficiently is an important consideration when establishing a personal or business infrastructure. This makes pre-owned laser scanning equipment a viable choice when making equipment purchases.

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