3 Essentials Items Your Soccer Player Needs For The Season

A budding young soccer player can stay safe on the field and optimize their performance with some simple, essential items. Here are there essential pieces of equipment a soccer player can rely on for the season.

Soccer Ball

Even if soccer balls are provided to a player at practice or during games, it’s important to have a quality ball on hand to practice on the side. Dribbling skills are honed through continuous practice. Depending on the age of the player, one can purchase a ball available in a particular size. Interestingly, one can choose to try a trainer product. For instance, the SKLZ Star Kick Solo Soccer Trainer consists of a stretchable neoprene sheath that covers a soccer ball, as well as a sturdy ankle wrap. Players attach this to their legs and use it to practice keeping a ball in the air, kicking at certain angles, and so forth. Younger and less experienced players who have a tendency to kick the ball far away while practicing can benefit from the tight control this trainer offers. It gradually enhances essential soccer skills that translate well on the field.

Shin Guards

Since slide tackles are a consistent part of soccer matches, it’s important to protect the shins, which are sensitive and prone to injury. A shin bruise can sideline a player for a while, so it’s important to keep players safe. Various shinguards are available in stores and online. Modern products are typicallty designed with materials like fiberglass, foam rubber, and polyurethane. Plastic shinguards are a bit less protective, and metal ones are strong, but heavy. Ultimately, a strong quality pair of shinguards should provide the necessary protection a player needs, without sacrificing their overall comfort or speed on the pitch.


Cleats, which are shoes with small protrusions on the bottom, provide extra traction for players who will be running around on grass pitches. A wide variety of brands are available on the market. Some even sponsor the world’s top soccer leagues and tournaments, such as FIFA. One who is particularly insistent on the best fit can choose between a variety of cleats. Some are designed for soccer, whereas others are catered to American football, rugby, and other sports. The cleats offer additional grip which will keep players steady, even if the grass is a bit wet. Quick turns and running can be accomplished with ease. If desired, players can even have their cleats customized with names, initials, numbers, and other personal details.

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