4 Uses for Tie Down Straps in Your Everyday Life

Most people who own trucks already know how useful tie down straps are for holding down cargo. However, tie down straps are useful in many areas other than just securing loads on the back up your pickup truck. If you are smart, you will have some tie down straps on hand in your home and vehicles. As you will read, they will often come in handy. Here are four uses for tie down straps in your everyday life.

1. Camping

One of the areas of life where tie down straps come most in handy is on camping trips. You can use them to secure your tent so that the wind does not blow it away. You can also use them to throw up a line between trees to hang things to dry or to keep away from wildlife. Hanging your food up securely from a tree with a tie down strap is a good way to keep bears, racoons and other foragers out of your campsite.

2. In the Workshop

For any handyman or woodworker, having a bunch of tie down straps around will often come in handy. They are great for taking the place of clamps. Simply wrap the strap around the material that needs to be held and winch it tight. This is great for those times when the project you need to clamp is too large to be held by clamps.

3. In Your Car

While most people only think about tie down straps for securing loads on a truck, they are useful for securing loads in any vehicle. If you need to haul something in the roof of your car, tie down straps are great. They also are useful for securing your trunk when you have a load that is too big to fully shut it. You can also use a tie down strap to hold your hood or door closed in an emergency.

4. In the Garage

If you are like most guys, your garage is probably a combination storage area and workshop. Having some tie down straps on hand in the garage is a no-brainer. As well as using them to secure loads on your vehicles and for your projects, you can also use straps to hang items up in the rafters of your garage to save space.

As you can see, there are loads of ways you can use tie down straps outside the bed of your pickup truck. Anytime that you need to hold something securely, having some tie down straps will come in handy. It is a good idea to throw some in your garage and your vehicles so that you will always have them when you need them.

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