4 Ways to Decorate Your Lawn with Lights for Your Childs Birthday

When you’re creating a backyard party on a budget for your child’s birthday, you can find many ways to make it fantastic without spending a ton of money. Make your own party invitations, make the food yourself and decorate with a theme. Make sure you have lights in the backyard so the kids can play into the early evening.

String Lights
While you can shine a spotlight into the backyard from the house or motion lights, a soft glow is better for a summer evening. Hang string lights over the food table or between trees in the backyard. You can even drag out blankets and pillows for the kids to lay on while they’re in the yard playing.

Projection Lights
All the rage in Christmas decor is projection lights that flash onto the house. There’s no reason you can’t buy colored lights for your child’s birthday party. The colored lights can match the theme of the birthday party. Light up the entire house like it’s a movie premiere, or you could choose one that features constellations and project that onto the garage in the early evening.

Glow-in-the-Dark Lights
If you wanted to have a movie themed night in the backyard, you don’t want the lights to distract from the darkness needed for the movie. You also don’t want anyone tripping in the backyard. The best solution to that problem is glow-in-the-dark lights. There are many ways to get glowing lights in the yard. You can use glow spray paint on some rocks and use those to illuminate a path. Add glow sticks to the bucket filled with ice for a cool glowing effect.

Hanging Lanterns
Paper lanterns are a good way to get a beautiful glow on the backyard party. You can string them between trees or keep them on the patio where they’ll throw indirect lighting into the backyard. If you’re having a movie-themed night, this is a perfect solution to the light situation. Use the hanging lanterns to light a path to the backyard during the day when the party starts. When people are ready to leave, they’ll have a lighted path out of the yard too.

Lights can really elevate a child’s birthday party into a great event. It’s a terrific way to stay on budget since lights don’t need to cost much to be effective. You might think about investing in lights that can stay up throughout the rest of the summer. If you have a bad party for your child, you’ll still have fantastic lights for the yard.

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