5 Accessories to Avoid Wearing on Your Wedding Day

Most of the time when it comes to choosing what to wear on your wedding day, your wedding dress is your biggest point of concern. But you’ll also need to consider what accessories you’ll want to wear. Many people will try to tell you what to wear, but you must choose in the end. When you do, just make sure to omit the following items.

1. A Huge Necklace

Big necklaces are certainly a trend right now, but they probably won’t always be stylish. Don’t date your entire outfit on your wedding day by wearing a gaudy necklace that will detract from your dress and your face. If you’d like to wear a necklace, do it! Necklaces can look great for wedding outfits. But be sure to choose one that is small, delicate and elegant.

2. A Watch

Many people wear watches every day on a regular basis, and it looks great normally. But on your wedding day, don’t wear a watch. It generally won’t fit with the entire vibe of your outfit. Let other people worry about the time and take care of your schedule.

3. Super High Heels if You Don’t Like Heels

If you don’t like wearing high heels and you’re not used to wearing them, don’t choose your wedding day to try out a pair of spike heels. You don’t have to have heels on with your wedding dress. It’s not mandatory, and with many dresses, you won’t even see your shoes. Stay comfortable on this special day and wear a cute pair of shoes that you can feel good in throughout the wedding and reception.

4. Loud Bracelets

If you want to wear a bracelet, choose a loose fitting chain or two instead of loud bangles. These may look good, and hearing them clang together may bring you job on a daily basis. But on your wedding, you don’t want to be clanging, and keeping it simple is the way to go.

5. A Headband

Headbands are lovely for certain occasions. They’re great for holding your hair back when you’re working out. They look super cute on a summer day when you’re hot and feel sweaty. But on your wedding day, a headband is simply not a great accessory choice. In 10 or 20 years, it will date your entire look in your photos, and you’ll wish that you wouldn’t have worn it.

In the end, what you wear on your wedding day comes down to your own personal choices. Everything will be up to you because it’s your special day, and you’ll have the final say. But you should consider forgetting the five items listed above as they almost never look good with a wedding outfit.

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