5 Steps to Deciding What Type of Cannabis is Right For You

Choosing a cannabis strain depends on a lot of factors. Want more energy or want the opposite and just want to relax? There’s a strain for you. Want something to manage your pain? There’s a strain for you. The hobby of cannabis cultivation has been a passion for many growers and strain developers throughout the years. It may seem difficult to choose the correct cannabis for you with all of the options available. These five steps will help you wade through the dirge of information and help you with your ultimate decision.

Strains for Energy

Marijuana strains that promote high energy usually fall under the sativa family. That’s because sativas typically have higher levels of THC, the main psychoactive found in marijuana. It was also thought that sativas have the effect of more energy because they contain more cannabinoids and terpenes (the taste of the bud) than indicas. Also great for socializing and party going, you may find these strains will increase your ability to focus and participate in conversations with long lasting energy. If you’re interested in trying some sativa dominant strains to get your energy levels up–good strains to look out for include: Green Crack, known for its earthy citrus flavor and incredible energy blast; Ghost Train Haze, known for a happy and playful good time; and Chocolope, consider a great boost similar to caffeine.

Strains for Deep Sleep

Using marijuana to aid sleep can be one of the most eye-opening uses of this medicinal plant–especially if you have difficulty reaching deep sleep as a part of your normal sleep cycle. Cannabis strains that are indica dominant tend to have greater results in providing this type of effect. If you are interested in seeing which strains help you reach a more restful slumber look for strains like Blackberry or Bubba Kush, known to enhance sleepiness; White Rhino, known for having a sweet flavor will also provide similar effects; and Skywalker, an indica-dominant hybrid that will give you rest but keep you clear headed.

Strains for Pain Management

The medical marijuana industry has exploded over the last decade. States are breaking down the walls that the federal government put up and are forging their own paths. It has never been a better time to get into cannabis. Quite a few people begin using cannabis to tolerate their pain. It has proven to be effective in treating numerous ailments including cancer-related pain, epilepsy, and multiple sclerosis. When looking for a strain of cannabis to help with pain management–start with a hybrid. A hybrid cannabis strain is a crossbreed of a sativa strain and an indica strain. Some say it combines the best of both worlds. Using hybrids for pain management produces the cerebral high of a sativa and the body relaxation of an indica. Solid strains to start with include the sativa-dominant Harlequin, the indica-dominant G13, or the straight 50/50 hybrid NYC Diesel.

Strains for Focus

A common misconception about consuming cannabis is that it makes you lazy. This couldn’t be further from the truth. High-profile celebrities and political figures are stepping out of the shadows and sharing their experiences with cannabis. For quite a few, cannabis played an essential role in their rise. If you want your brain to relax and focus on one issue at a time, a sativa strain is where you want to begin. Great strains for focus include Green Crack, Cinex, and Ghost Train Haze. If you want the body to relax at the same time your brain gets focused, make it a hybrid. Dutch Treat and Cannatonic are two excellent strains to get you working and relaxed in no time.

Strains for Stress Reduction

Sometimes you just want a strain that reduces the stress that compounds throughout your day. If shutting the brain off and relaxing in the moment is the key to your experience–go with an indica. Classic strains like Grandaddy Purple, Northern Lights, and Blue Cheese are usually available at most dispensaries. These have been used for decades to ease your mind so that you can relax. Making a huge push right now are some extremely powerful hybrids. If you want to be alert while your body chills then these strains are for you. Blue Dream, Trainwreck, OG Kush are three of the more popular hybrid strains.

Starting your journey with cannabis is a process. Websites like Leafly and WeedMaps provide good insight into the effects and properties of cannabis available to you. Jot down a few strains that sound interesting and seek them out. First-time users and even some long-term users keep a strain journal where they write out the effects a particular strain has on them. Being able to have a list of strains to pull from that you know are what you’re looking for makes the decisions so much easier.

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