5 Ways to use Vinyl Signs at Your Company

Modern technology now allows businesses to utilize inexpensive yet professional full-color informational signs. Vinyl signs come in a variety of formats, each of which can be used effectively to advertise and fuel your business.

1. Banners
Banners are among the most versatile of advertising materials. Full-color displays are eye-catching, as are phrases such as “grand opening” and “semi-annual sale.” Hang a banner above your doorway or on the exterior of your building to welcome customers to come inside.

Banners are also beneficial for mobile displays. Identify your business at a trade show or industry convention by placing a well-designed banner on the front of your table. Free-standing vinyl banners are also available.

But why stop there? There are many unexpected places where banners can be used for advertising purposes. Rent advertising space at your local sports stadium, be it high school, college, or professional level. Support an up-and-coming musical artist while reaching his audiences with your product or service by renting advertising space at concerts and performances.

Many municipalities are now offsetting costs by renting advertising space on overpasses as well. This is a yet little-used option. Thus, your business can stand out by being the first in your area to utilize it. Railroad overpasses are often owned and operated by the railroad company, so inquire with the company headquarters about using these locations as well.

2. Yard Signs
Vinyl yard signs have long been a staple of small and large businesses alike. You may be pleasantly surprised at how many of your customers are happy to place your sign in their front yard with no reimbursement at all. If you’re finding it difficult to advertise in this way, try offering a small percent off services to customers hosting a yard sign.

3. Bumper Stickers and Car Magnets
When stuck in traffic, most people find reading the next car’s bumper stickers to be irresistible. Stickers and magnets can be given to customers as promotional items or used to identify company vehicles.

4. Window Decals
Produce an attractive storefront using colorful window decals. These can be both informative and decorative. Use this type of vinyl sign to advertise new products and specials, or list business hours and other information.

5. Vehicle Wraps
This increasingly popular type of vinyl sign lets you show off your business’s creativity. You can use these large, full-color displays to familiarize customers with your logo, images of your products, or set the professional “mood” of your business. Some city buses rent their exteriors for vinyl wrap advertising. Buses present a large canvass constantly on the move before the eyes of customers.

No matter the type you chose, vinyl signs are a reliable and inexpensive form of advertising.

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