7 Smart Ways to Exercise While at Work

Research continues to show that a sedentary lifestyle and prolonged sitting is sabotaging good health and can even undo any work that is done at the gym. Time Magazine reports that a study done in 2013 found that sitting for most of the day can increase your risk for cancer by over 60%. So what are working people to do?

Spending all day in an office does not necessarily have to mean you are constantly sedentary. There are many office-appropriate workouts that you can do throughout the day to keep yourself active. Here are seven exercises you can do at work that won’t be noticed by your coworkers, yet will be effective enough to make an impact on your health.

1) Take the Stairs

Instead of taking the elevator, opt for the stairs. Duke University reports that there is a much lower risk of mortality of people who climb over 55 flights of stairs each week. What’s more is that climbing even two flights of stairs each day can lead to a weight loss of 6 lbs over the course of a year.

2) Be Social

Rather than calling or emailing someone in your building, get up and take a walk to their desk. This will give you more face to face time with coworkers while also getting you up on your feet.

3) Take Advantage of Down Time

If you have to wait for a long document to print or a long fax to go through, take advantage of that time by exercising your calves. Push up onto the balls of your feet and hold for five seconds before slowly letting yourself back down. Do this until your printing job is finished in order to get your muscles moving while you wait.

4) Park Far Away

Everyday Health suggests that you park as far away from your office as you can. This will force you to take a healthy walk both before and after work to get to your car.

5) Silent Seat Squeeze

Greatist suggests the silent seat squeeze. To work on toning your glutes, squeeze the buttocks while sitting, hold it for 5-10 seconds, and then release your muscles. Repeat this exercise until your muscles feel tired.

6) Book Press

Find the heaviest book in your office. Hold it above your head and slowly bring it down behind your neck before slowly lifting it back up. This will work out your arms and help to get your upper body toned.

7) Stand Up While Talking

Every time you get a phone call, stand up for the duration of the call. This will help you force yourself to get our of the seated position and pace a bit while speaking on the phone. It is a conscious way to get moving that may even make you look forward to getting those phone calls.

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