8 Tips for Purchasing Your First Luxury Watch

Buying your first luxury watch is a big decision. It can be a significant amount of money for many people. It’s important to avoid making a mistake than can potentially waste tens of thousands of dollars or more. Spend the time necessary to make your first luxury watch purchase a positive experience. Determine your needs, understand your options, and make a good decision.

1. Set a budget. Depending on your personal definition of a luxury watch, your budget might be $150 or $150,000. There’s a price-point for every budget. It’s important to define your budget before you begin shopping.

2. Determine the use. Will the watch be worn to the office or limited to black-tie events? Are you more interested in a sports watch you can wear to the beach or a watch that fulfill multiple needs? Determine where the watch will see the most use.

3. Consider the material. Watches that will see a lot of saltwater are often composed of stainless steel. Would you prefer a silver-colored watch or one of gold?

4. Know the five primary types of luxury watches. With few exceptions all luxury watches can fit into the following five categories:

  • Diving – Diving watches are known for their ruggedness, luminous dials and hands, a bezel, and water-resistance.
  • Dress – Expect a dress watch to have a leather strap. The dress watch can be minimalist in appearance or have multiple complications.
  • Aviator – This watch can get you back home if the instruments on your place fail. You might also enjoy the complicated watch face.
  • Driving – Driving watches are easily identified by the detailed chronograph complication. Many also include a tachymeter for determining speed.
  • Minimalist – Nothing but the time and maybe the date. Some minimalist watches will sport a quartz movement. Minimalist watches can be had for a smaller sum of money, though many are quite expensive.

5. Understand the power source. Luxury watches are either powered by springs or a battery. Springs are more common in luxury watches.

6. Understand the movement. Quartz watches make use of a vibrationing crystal and keep incredibly accurate time. An automatic movement is also called a self-winding movement. It’s powered by the movement of the user’s arm and hand. Manual movements utilize hand-winding.

7. Choose a strap material. Leather or metal band are the two primary options. Rubber or plastic straps are rarely found on a luxury watch.

8. Consider your future plans. Are your plans to limit yourself to a single luxury watch, or do you intend to own several by the time you’re finished?

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