8 Unique Uses for Plastic Buckets

Most people do not throw away their buckets after using up the contents and some people purchase them specifically for projects. These home tools are versatile in use and can be spotted in high areas of construction or a family home.

1. Play-Doh Halloween Costume
If you are trying to think of a cheap, unique and fun Halloween costume for your little one – look no further than an empty 5-gallon bucket.  Cut out the bottom of the bucket, make sure the inside is clean and grab your yellow, red, and white paints. After you paint the bucket and the lid to match the look of a Play-Doh container, attach the lid to a knit hat and attach straps to the bucket for ease of wear.
2. Storage with a Seat

A bucket with a closing lid can be used to keep anything from toys, games, tools, etc. picked up off the floor. A well-fitted lid keeps away humidity in high humid areas. If you add some padding and fabric to the lid, you can make it a dual purpose – a seat with storage. This is great when you need extra seats when having a party.
3. Growing Plants
This has never been easier with the use of a plastic bucket. A typical one can be easily tailored to drain off excess water and provide enough soil aeration to plants by drilling holes in strategic positions. It can also be covered with fabric or another foldable material to enhance its appearance.
4. Filtering rain water
It is possible with the use of three buckets, charcoal, gravel, sand and PVC pipes. One is used to layer the filtration ingredients while the others collect that water.
5. Camping Needs
There are multiple uses for a bucket, when you are going camping. You may want to bring more than one along. Buckets are great for washing clothes, washing dishes, or even by fashioning into something similar to a camping toilet. To transform it into a toilet – add a big trash bag to the inside, and a cut pool noodle around the edge of the bucket to make it like a seat.
6. Make a Bird House

To make a bird house, take the bucket with the lid on and flip it over. Remove any handle that is attached. Cut holes around the bucket– big enough for a bird – but not too big that predators can enter. You can attach it to the top of a fence post, or you can find posts that you can fit into the ground to attach it to. Just make sure to smooth around the holes and add little perches underneath.

7. Make a Portable Air Conditioner
One item that has been talked about quite a bit lately, are portable air conditioners. You can create one out of a 5 gallon bucket, 7 inch portable fan, some PVC, a Styrofoam minnow bucket, a frozen gallon jug of water and a few tools.
8. Feeder for Chickens
A bucket can make for a cheap and easy way to feed your chickens. All you need to do is drill holes around the bottom – big enough for the feed to come out. Make sure to clean the bucket so there are no remaining plastic fragments after drilling.  Get a tin plate and put it underneath the bucket, and add food from the top.

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