A Look at Hillary Clinton’s Potential VP Candidates


us-hillaryWith Donald Trump having chosen Mike Pence as his partner for the Republican ticket for President of the United States, it is time for the Democrats to make their own decisions. Hillary Clinton is the presumptive nominee and there seems no reason to believe she will not headline the ticket, but she is yet to choose her Vice President. And there is plenty of speculation regarding who she may pick, along with the merits of the various candidates. Here is a look at the top three individuals who could make their way on to the Democratic tickets over the coming weeks.

  1. timTim Kaine

Most politicians and political experts believe Clinton will choose Tim Kaine as her Vice-President. He has already appeared with her at rallies in his home state, while the two are expected to meet privately in the coming days to discuss the possibility of Kaine appearing on her ticket. But no final decision has been made, according to those in the know.

The appeal of Kaine comes from the fact that he is a white man, which is something that would help with potentially disillusioned voters who may think about going with the Trump-Pence ticket. He is also from a potential swing state, while Kaine is a fluent Spanish speaker who would help the Democrats connect with Latino voters around the nation.

  1. brownSherrod Brown

Even though Sherrod Brown is one of the most intriguing picks Clinton could make, he is also viewed as the biggest risk. Brown is from Ohio, which is a state Clinton would love to win in November. He is also African-American, which would help her court more minorities who may want to sit out this election given the two options on the table. But he is also a politician who was against NAFTA in 1990, which is a legislation Clinton supported. And a Republican would fill his senate seat.

  1. elizElizabeth Warren

There is no doubt Ms. Warren has done everything over the past few weeks to showcase her value to Clinton, attacking Donald Trump at every opportunity. But most experts think a ticket of Clinton-Warren is too similar, given they are both white women from a similar part of the country. But Clinton is also said to be a little untrusting of Warren, given the senator’s outspoken nature. But Warren would help invigorate the more progressive portion of the Democratic Party.