About Us

As a general news blog, every member of our staff is committed to providing our readers with the best possible site experience. It starts when you visit our homepage, because you can already see a list of all the major stories taking place around the world on a given day. We want our readers to have one resource for keeping up with the latest news from different parts of the globe – our website.

It is a tough challenge to present readers with the most important stories from various countries, but it is a challenge we are happy to accept. The best thing about running a news blog is dealing with our wonderful staff. We have so many dedicated writers and editors who put in a full-time shift to provide the readers with news articles, feature stories, and opinion pieces. But we know that you cannot keep a site running with a handful of full-time employees.

In order to keep our costs under a reasonable level, while refusing to compromise on our readers’ experience, we hire freelance writers from around the world. This serves two purposes. Not only does it allow us to get you a larger volume of stories on a given day, but it also ensures we have plenty of new perspectives on the news stories taking place around the world. Having freelance writers tell us their opinions through these articles is a wonderful way to present our readers with all the sides to a story.

It is one thing for our writers to sit at home and write about stories happening half a world away. But it is an entirely different matter to hire freelance writers from a country to write about what is going on there. Our policy ensures that every article on our site is well-sourced and provides you with a fresh perspective on the news.