How to Make Your Garden Stand Out Next Spring

The bitter winter snow is in its last stages, and you cannot wait to welcome spring. The birds are dying to come out and make your mornings and evenings with their melodies. Your garden, on the other hand, is not season-ready. It has been utterly ravaged by the season, and it needs some love, well, a lot of love. Luckily, you have enough to give.

First things first, you will need to retrieve your gardening boots and gloves for the work ahead of you. We have several tips on how to go about getting ready, even if you are beginner at gardening.

• Prepare Your Garden

It is clean up time. After winter, your garden is just bare and lifeless. It is time to dig up the earth and bring it back from slumber. While at it, uproot any weed that may have survived winter and clear off any leftover snow.

• Do a Soil Test and Fertilize The Ground

The earth is probably thirsty from lack of minerals and the weight of snow. Start by doing a soil test so that you get to know the nutrients that your land requires. Also, the kitchen waste becomes of use again. Prepare your compost manure from the kitchen waste and add it to the soil for some much-needed nutrients.

• Nurture the Survivors

There are likely to be a few plants that survived the brunt of the season. Reward them by trimming them. It will give them enough space to blossom. You do not have to grow some more at this point as you are still observing how the season behaves.

• Mulch Up

You have already done the soil test and added the required nutrients to the ground. You have also been adding some layers of compost manure into the soil to make it more fertile. Now is the right time to add some mulch. Mulch retains moisture in the soil, maintains pleasant temperature, and keeps the weeds at bay. You can use straw and dead plants as your mulch.

• Plant Some New Plants

Spring is now fully here, and you can comfortably add some new plants without the fear of losing them to unsettled weather. You can plant some potted new friends or colorful shrubs to join the old gang. Since it is a new season, you can experiment with a variety of plants to create a bold statement. Some worthy additions include:
• Tulips.
• Lilacs.
• Pansies.
• Azalea.
• Vegetables, such as arugula, Swiss chard, and kale.
• Herbs such as chives and dill.

When your plants and flowers blossom, the fragrances coming from your garden will be worth the work you put into it. Tulips and lilacs not only smell divine, but they are also so colorful that they will turn your yard into a rainbow.

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