New U.K. Prime Minister Visits Scotland

mayIt may be hard for the rest of the world to keep up with political events in the United Kingdom, given how quickly the landscape has changed over the past few weeks. Not only did the nation vote to leave the European Union, but the Brexit vote also triggered the resignation of the former Conservative Prime Minister, David Cameron. And the Conservatives, after much deliberation and political backhanding, decided to give the Prime Minister-ship to Theresa May. And in her first act as Prime Minister, May is set to visit Scotland to heal some of the wounds from the Brexit vote.scotland-city

One of the biggest issues regarding the vote to leave the European Union was the fact that Scotland voted to remain, while the rest of England and Wales voted to leave. When the vote was first released, prominent Scottish politicians claimed the vote made it necessary for the country to have their own re-vote regarding the decision to stay or leave the United Kingdom. And many in England are worried that leaving the European Union would decimate the Scottish economy, which would anger its citizens and give them a very good reason to want to severe ties with England and Wales permanently.

But May wants to do everything in her power to heal those wounds. She claims that Scotland needs to know that her government will “always be on your side.” May is also planning on holding talks during the trip, with the Scottish leader Nicola Sturgeon at the top of her list. The meeting will take place at the Bute House in Edinburgh, where May will talk about how much she values the bond between Scotland and England, along with discussions about the Brexit vote.

Scotland-geo-flagSome political experts are also claiming that May could be using the Scotland trip as a way to back out of triggering the Brexit vote and beginning the process of leaving the European Union. If Scotland is adamant about their position of having a referendum if the U.K. leaves the EU, May could tell politicians and voters in England that preserving the British union is more important than gaining their independence from the other European nations.

In May’s speech, she also said that Scottish voters and citizens should know that every policy decision her government makes will have their best interests at heart. She said that her government will prioritize the needs of the common voter, not the rich and powerful.