The Top Wedding Gown Trends of 2016

A bride’s wedding day is one of the most important days of her life, and her wedding gown is at the center of everyone’s attention. While traditional wedding gowns will always be in style, wedding gown trends of 2016 include some interesting twists on the traditional. The following are some unique wedding gown trends for 2016.

A Pop of Color
Wedding dresses have traditionally been white, or some shade of white, and color was only to be seen in the dresses of bridesmaids and in the wedding decor. Many brides now want to join in and wear more color. This can be as simple as adding a colored sash or bow or as complete as wearing a colored gown. Many designers are adding color to their gowns or offering their gowns in a variety of colors to please the most discerning bride.

Dresses of Different Lengths
As wedding locales have expanded and destination weddings have become a trend, the length of the wedding dress has changed as well. While many brides still choose to have a long, flowing gown with a train, others have chosen dresses of different lengths. Tea-length and knee-length dresses have become popular over the last few years, but in 2016 we have even seen the appearance of the miniskirt-length wedding gown. This sexy gown will show off a bride’s legs while making it easy for her to dance the night away.

The Pantsuit
Can a wedding gown truly be a wedding gown even if it doesn’t have a skirted bottom? This question was answered as 2016 ushered in the wedding pantsuit trend. Some brides may not want to wear a dress at all or prefer the look and feel of a beautiful, elegant pantsuit. Some of the world’s top designers are storming the runways with this newest trend. From simple and demure to flashy and elegant, the wedding pantsuit is a unique twist on wedding wear.

The Jacket
While some trends are meant for the bride to show more skin, another trend has brides showing even less. 2016 wedding gown trends include the use of capes or jackets with dresses. This is both functional and fashionable. If the wedding is outdoors or if there is a chance the bride may be exposed to weather, a classy jacket that matches her dress is the perfect solution. However, it can be used simply for fashionable effect as well. The jacket is versatile and can easily be removed once the party is started to reveal an entirely new look with the gown all on its own.

2016 is the year of unique wedding trends. It is the year that a bride-to-be can finally feel comfortable following her heart and her fashion sense while feeling certain that the dress she has chosen is the perfect one for her.

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