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If you are looking to make it as a writer, or you have prior experience writing for an online news site, you may want to consider writing for our blog. We are positioning ourselves in a way that allows us to tackle all the latest news stories around the world. The idea behind the blog is to provide readers with a unique and fresh take on how the news is reported. We know our readers can find the facts about news stories anywhere on the internet, but we want to provide them with a unique point of view about every story.

If you believe you are one of those writers who can inject their point of view into a story, while remaining unbiased and impartial, we are hoping to hear from you very soon. While prior experience is something we value, it is most definitely not a requirement. We want to do everything possible to provide our readers with the most professional and unique perspective on news articles. So we are looking for writers from all around the world. There is no location requirement because we want various points of view from the globe. We do not want a stale quality to our articles because our readers can spot when only one or two points of view are included in all the reports.

The best way to begin writing for our site is to submit a sample of your work. If you wrote something news-related recently, you could submit it to our editors. Or if you read a news story on the internet, or witness something first-hand, you can write about it and submit it as a piece you want to be published on the site. If the quality matches what we are looking for in our articles, we will put you in touch with a section editor.